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Site Improvements... Project Management... Construction Services...

Since our initial inception, our company has gained a reputation for quality.  We attribute much of our success to being diligent and comprehensive in our work, confident in our recommendations, and strive to cultivate strong ties with both clients and the communities where we work.  Our goal is to provide Civil Engineering services that exceed our client’s expectations and create value that benefits our clients on the properties and projects on which we work.

With expertise in commercial, industrial, and residential development projects, we provide services to developers, land owners, design/build construction contractors, construction management companies, and municipalities.  Our focus is to provide services in the best interest of our clients.

We strive to fully understand our client’s needs and craft our tasks accordingly.  We understand that communication and building relationships with clients as well as regulators, reviewers, and construction contractors are key factors in achieving success in this industry.

We recognize the extreme financial commitments undertaken by our clients in development projects.   Therefore, we strive to increase the return on investment potential by: providing Civil Engineering services that maximize the use of existing site resources, propose design improvements that are efficient and cost effective, and provide services that meet project timelines and budget requirements.

Scott Dahlke, Professional Engineer, has 20 years of Civil Engineering experience.  Scott obtained his Civil Engineering Degree at the University of North Dakota, and has career experience in both the public sector and private sector.  Scott has owned and operated a private engineering firm since 2000.  Scott lives near Monticello, MN with his wife Gayle and 5 children.